Wood Types

wood types

Gaskill Custom Cabinetry offers a wide range of wood types and stain colors. We can match
existing stains or shades. Below you will find our most popular wood
selections, however we can use almost any species of wood available for your



Alder is characterized by its straight grain and even texture. Its reddish brown color often looks similar to Cherry. It can be used as a cheaper substitute for cherry. Unfortunately it dents relatively easily, but offers a stable surface.


Hickory is a strong, open-grained wood that is known for its flowing grain pattern and dramatic variation in color. It is not uncommon to see hickory pieces that range in color from light to deep brown when finished in light or natural stains.

Red Oak-

Our most popular choice, Oak is very hard, heavy, and strong. Sanding, finishing, and stability are excellent.


Cherry is Moderately heavy, hard, and strong. Machines and sands to glass-like smoothness. The heartwood in cherry is red in color and the sapwood is light pink.


Pine is lightweight with straight grain and fine, even texture. Dimensionally stable and durable, however it tends to dent easily. Knots are prevalent in this material giving it a rustic look.

White Maple-

White maple is considered stain grade because it is more consistent in color than Soft Maple. It is dense and light in color. Fine grain does not require filling. It is extremely hard and durable.


Poplar is considered a paint grade wood. It is Fine textured, soft and lightweight. It is easily worked and takes paint much better than pine because it has fewer knots.


Walnut is a rare wood that is durable and strong. Light to chocolate brown in color and tends to have white streaks throughout.